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Testimonials / Reviews: 11

1. K.balaji [03-Nov-2014]

I want citrin stone and garnet stone in 3carat and i will know how much price?

2. M.MUURALII [11-Nov-2014]

Purchasing gems from minimum most

3. VINOD SHARMA [20-Nov-2014]

I want real African rubby wight 11.25 to15.25 ratti please contact me Mobil no 9312283301

4. PRADEEP PATIL [23-Nov-2014]

Please give me price if 5carate panna

5. RAJNISH CHAUBEY [09-Dec-2014]

I want to Bye Neelam ( 2 ratti ) Panna (1.5 Ratti) and Dimond (1 Ratti) in a silver pendent with silver chain for my 5 years Male Baby.

Can you please let me know the details of above mention items.

6. SEKHAR CH GUPTA [26-Dec-2014]

raktha nila ,buy 7 rati how much rate and catcie 4 rati pl send by email

7. ARUNKRISHNA [01-Jan-2015]

Dear sir
I want to buy one navaratna mala original/unheated/precision/natural with lab certificate?
if yes I can/wish to buy.
I am not interested in semi precision gems.

please reply me with details.
also I want to buy ruby say 4-7 carat ( original/unheated/precision/natural with lab certificate)

with regards



8. SOUMEN CHATTERJEE [18-Jan-2015]


I want to purchase one 4-5 carat Red/Pink Spinel. Could you please let me know the availability and cost factors for the same at the earliest.

I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.


9. Anuj Tripathi [20-Sep-2015]

I want to purchse
7.00 ratti Gomed

6.15 ratti moonga

Please inform me rates of same

10. Vijay Hawaldar [09-Oct-2015]

purchase of yellow sapphire

11. Subhash [31-Oct-2015]