Certified Emeralds Inventory

Note: All Gesmtones are lab certified and shipped with original certificate. NO stone has any damage or scratch on surface. Because of transparency and zooming internal natural inclusions maybe visible.


Sold Emeralds Inventory

Heerejawharat.com is on-line astrological gemstones marketing company. We have wide range of certified and natural emeralds. Heerejawharat.com experts keep emerald price, quality, affordability in mind while selecting from hundreds of available emeralds. We sells good quality emeralds for astrological purpose with cheapest price online.

Heerejawharat.com emeralds inventory is very good for astrological purpose. Same emeralds jewelers sells 3-5 times costlier than our website. Our mission is make emeralds available to common man, many people can't afford emeralds because of high prices quoted in market. We have wide collection of Zambian emeralds with weight ranges from 3 carat to 8 carat.

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