About Us

We HeereJawharat.com is one of the prominent gems website since 2010 and we are registered as BRAJ BALA & SONS RETAIL ASTRO GOODS ONLINE STORE (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED. We started our business from grass roots. Due to our work ethics and fair dealings, we have grown to an export oriented Gems Company, retail costumers our backbone.

Gemstones as astrological remedies

A person whose Family is suffering, is ready to pay desired price for the medicine because he knows value of his love beings. BUT even after paying desired price he gets fake or less quality medicine. Think how he will feel ? This is happening in the gemstone market. So we are here to provide quality medicines (gemstones) at affordable price.

Valuable and good quality Gems required

Due to lack of gemstone quality people doubt the astrological science. We are here to provide good quality gemstones to your door-step at lowest possible price. We heard from many customers that because of your website, we could buy gemstone. In market prices are 2-4 times higher than your prices (for precious gems)

Lowest possible price BUT NO quality compromise


We keep our lowest possible price by reducing large shops and advertisement expenditure. We believe in slow and steady growth through 'word of mouth' rather than spending lakhs of rupees on advertisement. So our gemstones are affordable to common people. Some of our customers asks us, Why your prices are very low compared to market. Actually we have some ethics, humanity and moreover we have to answer GOD sometimes in life.

Lab Certification and Refund Policies


All our gemstones are shipped with original lab certificate, 100% guarantee of certificate provided by us. We also provide 7 days money refund policy. Refund Policies

Paying Worth


These gems are definitely rare but not as rare as portrayed by jeweler or your well known gemstone sellers. So People are in dilemma while buying gemstones is worthful or NOT. But in most of the cases people got inferior quality gemstones even after paying high price.

Excessive margin business


We have not come across even a single gemstone seller who sells quality gems at genuine price. How much margin should they take? Think Think and Think. We think 30% to 50% margin is enough due to rarity of stone but at the name of the rarity,  Seller took around 300% to 1000% margin minimum. Is it humanity? Even after paying such higher prices customer is not getting quality gemstones. Resulting Astrology reputation is deteriorating.

Inspiration to start our business

A woman her child was facing chronically disease. A well known astrologer prescribed her a gems BUT she couldn't get quality gemstone even after paying jeweler desirable price. There are many incidents in our experience those inspired us to work for social cause and provide quality gemstones at lowest/genuine price.

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