Planetary Characteristics

Sun Time, Soul, Father, Ego, Ruler, Government, Intelligence, Vitality, Profession, Honor, Fame, Glory, Heart, Copper, Orange colour, Ruby, East.

Moon Mother, Mind, Emotion, Water/Fluids, Pearl, White colour, Flowers, North West.

Mars Brothers, Defense forces, Courage, Strength, Valor, Muscle, Blood, Fire, Earth, Copper, Red colour, Coral, South east.

Mercury Maternal Uncle, Intelligence, Logic, Mathematics, Humor, Speech, Skin, Nervous system, Green colour, Emerald, North.

Jupiter Progeny, God, Guru, Place of Worship, Devotion, Dharma (Constant integrated awareness), Wisdom, Nobility, Ethical Behavior, Morality, Spirituality, Finance, Bank, Law, Liver, Fat, Gold, Yellow colour, Yellow Sapphire, North East

Venus Wife, Women, Marriage, Sex, Happiness, Passion, Beauty, Creativity, Music and Fine arts, Seminal Fluid, Kidney, Secretion, Vehicles, Silver, White colour, Diamond, Bedroom, South east.

Saturn Longevity, Old age, Servant, Subordinates, Poverty, Humility, Deprivation, Purification, Sorrow, Miseries, Hardship, Humiliation, Obstruction, Lethargy, Procrastination, Chronic Disease, Bones, Hair, Nails, Dirty places, Iron, Blue and Black colour, Blue sapphire, West.

Rahu Illusion, Transients, Unorthodoxy, Skeptics, Atheists, Black magic, Adultery, Incest, Illegitimacy, Maverick, Foreign Travels, Snakes, Poisons, Liquor, Narcotics, Secrecy, Gambling, Cheating, Underworld, Thieves, Outlaws, Illegal activities, Black colour, Gomedh (Garnet), South west.

Ketu Moksha, Detachment, Renunciation, Occult Knowledge, Spirits, Red colour, Cats eye.

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