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Rashi characteristics

Rashi Characteristics

Aries Odd, Fiery, Movable, Barren, Viloent, Quadruped, Short ascension, Male, Bilious, Forest, Hilly Areas, Head, Brain
Taurus Even, Earthy, Fixed, Semi Fruitful, Quadruped, Short ascension,Female, Windy, Agricultural Land, Face, Eyes
Gemini Odd, Airy, Dual,Barren, Human, Double-bodied, Voice, Short ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Bedroom, Throat, Shoulder, Arms, Lungs
Cancer Even, Watery, Movable, Fruitful, Mute, Long ascension, Female, Phlegm, Chasm with water, Chest
Leo Odd, Fiery, Fixed, Barren, Human, Long ascension, Male, Bilious, Forest, Heart, Upper Abdomen
Virgo Even, Earthy, Dual, Barren, Human, Long ascension, Female, Windy, Mountain, Lower Abdomen, Spleen
Libra Odd, Airy, Movable, Semi Fruitful, Voice, Long ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Entertainment Places, Genetelia, Kidney.
Scorpio Even, Watery, Fixed, Fruitful, Mute, Violent, Centiped, Long ascension, Female, Phlegm, Underground, Excretory Organs.
Saggitarius Odd, Fiery, Dual, Semi Fruitful, Double-bodied, Quadruped(Second Half), Long ascension, Male, Bilious, Military Places, Thighs , Liver.
Capricon Even, Earthy, Movable, Semi Fruitful, Quadruped, Short ascension, Female, Windy, Watery, Knee.
Aquarius Odd, Airy, Fixed, Human, Voice, Short ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Porter House, Shin.
Pisces Even, Watery, Dual, Fruitful, Mute, Double- Bodied, Centiped, Short ascension, Female, Phlegm, Sea, Feet