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RUBY Medical Treatments

Buy White Opal

Sun represents the Heart in VEDIC astrology, whenever SUN or LEO zodiac (SIMHA RASHI) is especially afflicted by RAHU; Those people are prone to heart diseases, heart storke etc. during RAHU time period.

Symptoms and Nervousness

At early stage these people tends to fast heart beats in little nervous/difficult situation, resulting all their activities are imbalanced . Students having this astrological condition, can't do well in examinations also because of nervousness.

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is the VEDIC astrology solution for heart related diseases.
After wearing ruby heart beats come at normal level within 6 months , resulting people save themselves from heart attack(s) and students do perform well in examination.

New Burma vs Old Burma Rubies

New Burma rubies are easily available in the market and very effective from our experience. OLD Burma rubies are either very rare or very expensive to afford.