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Mrigshira Nakshtra Characteristics

Nakshatras Chart


Mrigashira Nakshatra extends from after 23:20 in Vrishabha Rashi up to 6:40 in Mithune. Presiding deity Chandra. Symbol-Antilope or Deer. The word Mriga represents forests, gardens, a search, a seeking to find, to roam about in the forests and a hunter, to seek, to blaze the trail, a guide and preceptor. An erotic affair, beauty of the countenance with particular emphasis on the radiant lustre of the face, because of Chandra.

Character and general events:
There is a peculiar tendency seen in him, a doubting nature. He is always suspicious of everything. He is very sincere in his dealings with others and he expects a reciprocal sincerity from them. Others find it pleasant to deal with him. But a word of precaution is necessary here that he has to be very careful while dealing with his friends and relatives and also in any partnership business as chances are high that he may be cheated. Blind trust on others will quite often lead him into later frustration and repentance. He has a knack to deal with even those who ditch him. He has a natural initiative, awareness, brilliant mind, eagerness and active agility, but as a result of his affectionate regard for others he is buffeted by both circumstances and people.

He is very simpleton. He prefers leading a life of simplicity and principles. He always expresses impartial and sincere opinion. He can be impatient to the point of intolerance when confronted with prejudice, judgment or action by others. While he expresses to others opinion, it is never brought into his own life. He acts according to his own sweet will. He outwardly expresses to the public that he is very courageous and will not hesitate to do anything which requires extreme courage, whereas he is an inborn coward.

He will not have peace of mind and get irritated even on small matters. His life up to 32 years of age will be full of trials and errors and would appear like a lost boat in the center of the ocean i.e., the question of where to go, how to go and why to go will permanently rampage his mind without any conclusion. When he turns 32, life will start settling down to the maximum satisfaction provided other planetary positions are good.

Education, sources of earning/profession:
He will have a good education. He is a very good financial adviser. He advises others to curb the spending, but fails to control his own expenses and at last finds himself in an extreme economic conflict. He achieves success in life, including business if engaged after the age of 32 years. Till that time he has to face several ups and downs. He often begins new projects rather than finishing the tedious routine tasks of the one in hand. It is mainly due to percipience rather than weakness and above all his ability to understand the possibility of success or no success of a project in hand that he discards it immediately and replaces it with another which is more viable. In other words, he cannot undertake any permanent or continuing nature of work.

Period between 33 - 50 years will be a period full of strength and activities followed by utmost satisfaction. During this period he can unexpectedly achieve the benefits. But whatever he will be earning during this period will be wasted later on due to his own fault.