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Color Gemstones (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby etc.) Astrological Buying Guide -

Gemstones price depends upon 4'C factors i.e. color, clarity, carat and cut. for astrological purposes color, clarity and carat are major factors. So higher the transparency and color; more the price and significance of stone astrologically.

Natural Inclusions inside color gemstones

All natural color gemstones will have a few inclusions, lower the inclusion higher the quality and price also. Natural inclusions will block the amount of light/energy passing through the stone in your body. For example stone having 20% inclusions, will still pass 80% light/energy. Which is excellent percentage for astrological purposes.

Inclusions Myth/ Orthodox View

Astrology is pure science, so stones having internal natural inclusions (black, red, white etc. color spots), Zirum etc. have no side effects. These spots will just block the amount of light passing through the stone. BUT few astrologer misguide the customer resulting customer may never buy the stone at all. Imagine the loss of customer. - quality Recommendation

Budget quality

If you are budget buyer and can afford 20%-30% transparent stone, buy it rather than waiting for higher budget. In long run 20-30% transparent stone will be also beneficial. After couple of years, you can buy higher quality stone. Good Quality

Stone with 30%-50% transparency is considered good stone and bestow good results on native.

Excellent Quality

Stone with 50%-65% transparency are considered excellent quality astrological stone and bestow good results on native. These are best range both price and astrology wise.

Premium Quality

These stones are best for astrological purposes and will not drain you pocket also. These stone generally have 70-85% transparency, which are excellent for astrological purpose.

From this level Increase in transparency will increase stone price exponentially (multifold), so we don't recommend much higher transparency.

Astrological stones are like medicines, if you take lower dose, still you will be healed in long run rather than not having dose at all. Stone having inclusions have no side effects, be fearless for this aspect. If stone suits your horoscope, inclusion will not bestow any ill effects.

Healing time

Gemstone effects can be noticed after 2-3 months of continuous wearing, NOT overnight. Some people say today they wore the stone and everything going up/down in their life. Please think logically, all bad things happening must have roots is past, stones cannot change person life overnight.

If RS. 20k-70k stone can do miracle in your life overnight, who is not ready to pay the price? just think. YES gemstones do smoothen/improve your life in longer run, not overnight.