Blue Spinel (Neeli) Astrological Significance

Blue Spinel (Neeli) is semi-precious gemstone and substitute for Blue Sapphire. It is the sub stone/Uparatna for Saturn/Shani planet.

General characteristic of saturn:

Here Saturn indicates the ascetic, rich with inner spirituality, and lost to this material plane of existence. Saturn is a malefic graha. He rules over the two sidereal signs of Capricorn (Makra) and Aquarius (Kumbha). He is exalted in Libra (Tula), and fallen in the opposite sign of Aries (Mesh).

Saturn Significance:

Saturn is a karaka, or indicator, of longevity, misery, sorrow, old age and death, discipline, restriction, responsibility, delays, ambition, leadership and authority, humility, integrity, wisdom born of experience. Saturn also indicates asceticism, denial, non-attachment, spirituality, hard work, organization, reality and time itself.

Saturn's most successful place in the chart is in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses. He is a particularly beneficial planet for Taurus and Libra Ascendants. Saturn's nature is Vata, or Airy. His gem is Blue Sapphire / Blue Spinel and all black stones and his metal is Lead. Saturn's direction is west and his day is Saturday. He reaches full maturity at age 36.

Blue Spinel healing:

Blue Spinel has the divine power to give mental peace, wealth & happiness by removing all hurdles of the natives life. The wearer of the Blue Spinel never becomes the claimant of disrepute in the society.

General Characterstics of Blue Spinel (Neeli)
Hindi Name Neeli
Planet Saturn
Day Saturday
Cosmic Color Blue
Rashi(Sign) Capricorn (Makra), Aquarious(Kumbha)
Mohs scale hardness 7-7.5
Specific gravity 3.49?3.57
Refractive index 1.527-1.560 , 1.532-1.574, 1.538-1.578

Procedure Of Wearing Blue Spinel (Neeli)

  • Minimum weight of Blue Spinel (Neeli) should be 6 carats (1200 mg).
  • Blue Spinel (Neeli) should be wear in Center finger of working hand.
  • Blue Spinel (Neeli) must touch your fingure skin.
  • Dip the ring into gangajal or cow milk at least 10 min before wearing.
  • Wear ring on Tuesday during the ascending moon cycle(Shukal paksha) near sunrise time.
  • Recite AUM ShaniYE NAMAH mantra while wearing the ring.
Blue Spinel (Neeli) originating countries: India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mozambique and Brazil.

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