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Spread Astrology

Astrology is pure science, Gemstones are like astrological medicine, Even doctor is good but patient doesn't get the medicine, We can't say medical science is non-powerful. In the same way due to lack of quality gemstones, people faith in Astrology is deteriorated. We provide the best quality certified gemstones at your door-step. Jyoitsh can solve many life problems and lead life to its goal. Astrology significance can be experienced only by wearing quality gemstones, so we are here.

Quality products with Reasonable price

We provide the best quality gemstones at very genuine price. We believe that no dealer can arrange even half quality gemstones at our prices.

Service Transparency

We don't claim any unauthenticated things about the gemstones treatment etc. We provide the complete information about the gemstones before shipping to the customer. We believe in complete customer satisfaction.

Lab Certification and Refund Policies


All our gemstones are shipped with original lab certificate, 100% guarantee of certificate provided by us. We also provide 7 days money refund policy. Refund Policies

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