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Swati Nakshtra Characteristics

Nakshatras Chart


Swati Nakshatra: Spread from 6:40' to 20: Tula. Lord is Sukra, the deity is the Wind and because of this latter factor this causes the attributes of the Wind. Restlessness of disposition or physical restlessness, inability to stay still at any place comes from it; also fidgetiness and noise

Character and general events:
He is a peace loving person, but adamant and independent. He neither likes to swallow others property nor is he ready to part with his own. He cannot bear any criticism for his work. Once he loses temper, it will be very difficult to calm him down. Hence, for a better tomorrow he should maintain a proper balance in his mind.

He is willing to extend any helping hand to others provided his own freedom is not questioned. He respects others irrespective of the position or level of people, in other words he is not hypocritical in giving respect. He is certainly the best friend in need and the worst enemy of the hated. He does not hesitate in taking revenge from people who are against him. His childhood days will be full of problems. Initially, he tries to offer protection and help to his near and dear ones, but changes his mind later on due to the unwanted criticism from those being helped.

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