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Abhijit Nakshatra Characteristics


The enclosure of Lord Brahma begins with 6:40 degrees and ends at 10:53 degrees in Makra or Capricorn Zodiac besides being known as Abhijit Nakshatra. The Abhijit Nakshatra moves over the Uttarashada and Shravana Nakshatra as it begins from the last quarter of Uttarashada and ends at first 1/15th segment of Shravana.

Character and general events:
The native will be respected by the learned and respected class. His behavior is extremely courteous. He will be famous in one or the other field. He is god fearing and religious. He is soft spoken. He displays inherent optimism and ambition. The tendency for occult study is noted in the native.

Education, sources of income/profession:
He will be the most learned, highly placed and the most famous man in his family. He will be engaged in a profession where much power and authority vests.

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